StarTastic Action Projector


Startastic Action Projector

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The StarTastic Outdoor Laser Projector is an easy way to light up your home and garden for Christmas. This is an absolute convenient Christmas solution for all your outdoor holiday decorations. This will enhance your Christmas decor hassle-free. The Laser Projector is very easy to install and projection coverage is over 4000 square feet. It has the ability to reach areas which general decorative lights cannot. This magnificent combination will create a magical sparkling effect on your trees and bushes. The StarTastic Outdoor Laser Projector Uses laser holographic technology found in theme parks to project breathtaking images onto any surface. It is weather-resistant to withstand snow, rain and intense sun. For long-term usage, we advise you to run it for less than eight hours at a time and then rest for 30 minutes.


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